Like you, I feel anxious for the future. But I know, through the rocky road to come, our country will still be here and America will be stronger than ever. The fear mongers are out in force and I am not one of them. Please let me explain…

My name is Mary Silva and I am a devoted wife and loving mother. I have worked in your community as an audiologist for the past 18 years, and I am running for Congress in Washington’s 1st District. I’ve had the feeling that I have been sitting on the sidelines for too long. I think perhaps, we’ve all been sitting on the sidelines too long. Maybe, it is time for us ordinary people to engage. I get the strong sense that no one is coming to save us. Perhaps, the time has come where we have to do this ourselves.

I hold no special official qualification, other than the fact that I have lived through the same events you all have lived through over the past few years, and I have made it a point to look back into history to better understand the context of what is currently happening. I have also spoken with many people and whistleblowers about the problems and potential solutions. I believe I have gathered a solid understanding of how the world really operates. I believe our world has slipped through our fingers because ordinary people, like you and me, have been passive observers instead of active participants, in politics. Politics is not a spectator sport. But if you look to social media like X or Facebook, you will quickly learn that this is what politics has become. I want to change that. That is why I am here.

Right now, I feel we must fight the urge to allow cynicism to spread. It is not corny to believe in the idea that “freedom isn’t free” and I feel strongly that we have got to stop sitting passively by, as men and women in tailored suits tell us we are not qualified to comment, let alone, run for public office. I am reminded of a Monty Python sketch with John Cleese, “The Machine That Goes Ping.” A woman is in labor. She is surrounded by doctors and nursing staff who are ignoring her and obsessing over their very expensive machines…that go “ping.” Finally, the pregnant woman calls out she’d like a say in things. John Cleese, as the doctor, yells back…” You’re not qualified!”

I, personally, feel perfectly qualified to comment.

I think we have all figured out by now that the people in suits have run this country into the ground. I cannot accept that it was an accident. The history books have explained how we got here, in depth, with unabashed detail.

The United States has rotted from within. While we can debate the exact time frame, I’d like to begin in the early to mid-1970s with the subversive influence of one man and his network, Henry Kissinger and Associates. “China is our greatest threat,” they say. If they ever fire a missile at one of our ships in the Taiwan Straits, rest assured the guidance chips will be made in the USA.

As we balance our budget at home, I feel we need to understand the big political perspective, if we are ever going to unify this country and get ourselves back on our feet. There are no simple solutions. When we identify the problem, then, and only then, can we fix it. Please understand, the United States is not a basket case because of incompetence. We are not hated around the world by accident. We are not seen as an oppressor by many because someone “messed up”. We have been led to this low point by design. We have been undermined by elements from within our own borders. The barbarians are not in South Asia or the Middle East, they are very much inside the gates and they wear Armani. They meet at Davos and Bilderberg and they have a plan for how to manage us. They have a plan for OUR future.

I have a plan too, and I want to share it with you.

My campaign is focused on addressing the overarching issues that ultimately cause our local problems. We cannot address the price of gas and groceries, if we ignore the global issues underlying our economy. We cannot address the issues in our political system, until we address the fact that the power of transnational corporations and financial powers exceed the power of governments. We need to ask who is influencing our politicians and how did they get so much power? We cannot address the issue of the loss of our high technology until we address who is capturing, bribing and blackmailing our top entrepreneurs in fields sensitive to our national security. We cannot protect our national security, if we do not recognize who has penetrated us. Finally, we cannot address the information warfare being waged against us, if we do not understand the complexity of the methods used to manipulate us, and understand that complex problems require multi-faceted solutions and strong leaders, who cannot be bought off, easily frightened, or compromised.

This is where I come in, and you come in. Now’s the time.

I did not want to run for political office. I am not a politician. I have a wonderful life, a beautiful family, and a bright future in my field of work. I am running because there is a serious problem in our political system and I see few signs of any resolution on the horizon. I see our beautiful people divided and broken. I see the targeted subversion of our American values in our media and social media. I see my wonderful country being brought to its knees where there was once harmony, good will and healthy debate. I am not okay with the world my daughter will inevitably inherit, if I stand by and do nothing or sit on the knowledge that I have gathered and remain silent. I believe that our people will do the right thing, if we know the truth. We cannot act in our own interest if we are being lied to at every turn and intentionally divided against one another. 

I aim to explore with you all, the reasons for this division and subversion. What caused it? Why is it getting worse? Who is behind it and why would they do it? What can we do, as a people, to come together and put an end to this insanity? How can we see one another again, as Americans? Can we rise above the current political paradigm and find our path toward liberty and justice for all again? I believe we can.

We are at war. Our first task, together, is to recognize that war has been declared upon us. Everything else, from the price of groceries, to mortgage rates, to gas prices, stems from that simple recognition.

I am committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the people I represent. I aim to listen to my constituents and my work will reflect your values. I feel it is time to listen to one another, set aside our egos and find common ground with one another, so that we can begin to heal and give our children the world they deserve.

There is no plan B.

With my background as a mother, leading a normal hard-working American life, and with all the privileges and challenges that it entails, I am confident that I can be an effective leader for our community. The only way we fix this country is by electing community members sensitive to local currents, while also being able to navigate the open seas of geopolitics; community people who have the desire and capacity to listen and who actually have no other objective except to see the American people succeed and thrive.

So, let’s begin this journey, and simply look at the historical facts. It is right in front of us. No need for intricate conspiracies, they brag to our faces. We need to wrap our minds around the grand perspective, before we can dive deep into our local communities. We do not need people in fancy suits from Harvard to explain to us how the world works. We know how it works and it is time for some layoffs, at the very top.

My campaign is dedicated to my heroine, Katherine Pollard Griggs, whistleblower, Christian, and courageous patriot, who exposed several major players involved in the mob running roughshod within the highest ranks of our military, developing the psychological warfare programs that laid the foundation for what we are experiencing today. She did this at great risk to her personal safety. We can never thank her enough for the risks she took to bring us the truth.

My campaign is equally dedicated to my hero and friend, Australian whistleblower, Brendon Lee O’Connell. Without Brendon’s sacrifice, perseverance, mentorship and inspiring body of work, many of us may not have fully realized how to understand the tactics or the players of the grand chessboard or recognize how they have infiltrated every part of our society with the goal of redefining it for their own ends. Brendon's mentorship helped me understand the steps I needed to take in order to reach my full potential and understand the role we all must all play in securing our liberty. The darkness cannot overpower the presence of the light of truth. Brendon has inspired a generation, the world over.

There are countless others who have inspired me, as well; people, who have taken great risks to inform us of the core problem in this sea of information warfare. Many of these people are no longer with us. We stand on the shoulders of giants. I pray that my efforts will help our people understand a bit more about the reality of the situation that we face, as a state and a nation.  I want nothing more than to see our people come together, above political form, take back control of our government for ourselves, grieve for what we have lost, and heal from the injuries of our past, to love one another again, as simply, Americans. Our children deserve adults who are not afraid to stand up and take charge for what is right and good in defense of our American values. My commitment to my constituents, if elected, is to serve my community honorably, deliberately and effectively with an open mind and an open heart, as your equal. Thank you for reading.